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Service & Warranties

ProjectorTeam is a direct authorized dealer for every Manufacturer we represent. Every manufacturer has a specific warranty for their product and our goal is to make sure that if anything goes wrong with your purchase, or it is not right, we are here to assist you in making sure it is corrected. As an authorized agent for the Manufacturer we will assist you with getting to the correct place in order to resolve your issues.

Many issues are not warranty related and ProjectorTeam's knowledgeable staff is here to walk you through those issues you may experience with the operation of your equipment.

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Projector Warranty * Lamp Warranty ** (non-replacement) DOA Policy Replacement Policy Optical Engine
BenQ 3 years 90 days or 500 hours*** 30 days 1 year n/a
Casio 3 years 90 days 30 days n/a n/a
EIKI 3 years 90 days 30 days n/a n/a
Epson 2 years 90 days 30 days 2 years n/a
Hitachi 3 years or 2500 hours**** 90 days or 180 hours*** 30 days None (provides free loaner) 2500 hour
InFocus 2 years / 1 year HT 90 days or 500 hours*** 15 days 1 year (except RP series) n/a
NEC 2 years/3 years on select business units. 90 days or 300 hours***( 1 year 1000 hours on select units) 30 days 2 years (with exceptions) 2500 hour
Optoma 2 years / 1 year on select business units(zero dead pixel policy on HT units) 90 days 30 days None n/a
Ricoh 3 years 90 days 30 days n/a n/a
Sony 2 years 90 days Repair Only None n/a