Casio Optoma BenQ EIKI Ricoh NEC


ProjectorTeam specializes in assisting you in your search for the correct projector and accessories. Our pricing on Epson, Ricoh, Optoma, BenQ, Eiki, and Sony Projectors are more than competitive. We also are a direct dealer for DaLite Screen Company and can provide you with any Screen application you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for your church, classroom, corporate setting or personal application, ProjectorTeam will develop a program that will get you the best price without compromising quality. Your success is our main goal.

ProjectorTeam also offers full installation of your equipment at a very competitive price. As a direct authorized dealer, we make sure you are in tune with everything the manufacturer has to offer. We want to make sure every purchase you make meets with your standard of excellence. Give us your first and last look and we promise you won’t be sorry.